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Bunni_buns's Bio and Free Webcam

Bunni Buns
July 2, 1997
男性, 女性, Trans
Candy Kingdom
2 days, 12 hours
English, English, English, and English
6 feet tall marshmallow girl
Pics & Videos:

If you see me wearing a shirt with a titty window- boobs will come out at 5x goal and not once before then! If I'm NOT wearing a titty window shirt, titties out is only 50 tokens

Hi! If you're reading this, congrats on being one of the ELITE few that reads my bio! That makes you a super cool dude.

If you're wondering what my interests are, I LOVE cartoons,
retro anime, browsing the internet ,old G rated movies (70s-80s movies) and lately my hobbies/aspirations have been revolving around camming. I like Indie music, eurobeat/parapara, and I'm just lately getting into futurefunk. My goal as a camgirl is to be that best friend that you wanna fuck. I DO love talkers, so please, don't be shy!

http://myanimelist.net/profile/bunni_bun s


I do not do password shows OR sky p e shows

I do scheduled private shows- ask a mod to PM you to schedule one.
scheduled Private shows are 60 tkns per minute with a 10 minute minimum and must be scheduled a day in advance.- and you get to keep a recording of the entire show!
If you want me in a show RIGHT NOW, its 120 tkns per minute. if scheduled in advance, I get to cater more to you, and its half the price!

private can be scheduled monday-thursday from 2pm PST-6 PM pst. all scheduled privates must AT LEAST be a day in advance

Yes, I have a roomate (male) and no, I will not fuck my roomate or any of my friends for your entertainment. I have not fucked any of them in the past NOR DO I WANT TO.

My friends (roomate incluted) all know what I do, my job isn't a big deal, none of them watch me on cam, but if you would like to fantasize about it go ahead lil buddy

I do not have a boyfriend/fuckbuddy/girlfriend/husband/wife

I do not care about height when it comes to dating

I don't have any racial preferences

I will never do a couples show or video (b/g or g/g)

No I'm not really a cheerleader/flight attendant/gymnast but you can pretend I am if it helps ;)

I only get fully naked once 5x goal is reached

if my boobs look bigger than usual that's because they're balloons- I didn't get a boob job nor do I plan to

Why the balloons? the balloons are a personal preference- I do like to be honest about them hence why the info is in my bio! Let me live lol.

MY BOOB SIZE: about orange size. fruit sizes are more reliable, since you cant hold a letter! (I have little 36Ds though)

No, I am not having sex with anyone on cam- probably just holding a selfie stick

squirting is pee, and peeing is against chaturbate rules.
please stop asking me to do it.

I only use toys for goal rewards

I do not do closeups, or dirty talk